Muir Woods- Golden Gate – and blues!

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Shirt//  misstallulahboutique

Shoes old but similar here// Pointed loafer flats

Leggings — similar Here and Here

sunglasses —- Sin City Aviator

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My husband and I decided to become tourists in our area and it has been a blast! We had such a fabulous day exploring! We decided to make a bucket list of things to do before we moved away. Muir woods and the secret swing have been top on our list so we decided to go out and find them.


We first went to Muir Woods which was $10 dollars each to enter the park. They have a few different hikes you can go on, some more difficult than others. We decided to do the 2 mile walk/hike right as you enter the main park. It was so peaceful and mind blowing to see the gorgeous and gigantic redwood trees as well as listen to the streams and birds all around. We had so much fun taking pictures and reading all the cool facts throughout the hike. This is a Must do — and parking is free. I would recommended going early in the morning or during the weekday. Holidays are extremely difficult to find parking!!


Directions -



We later went to a lookout of the Golden Gate and found a hidden swing at a beach called kirby cove. We parked by marin headlands/battery spencer and hiked down a dirt path for about a mile. You walk through a campsite and down to the beach. On the left there is a huge rock and you can see the swing usually with a few people on it. It has one of the most spectacular views of the Golden Gate I have ever seen. The tide can sometimes come up super high so be prepared to get your feet a little wet. They have a super awesome campsite that we are dying to come back to.

We had the best time swinging, talking, and taking gorgeous pictures. This hidden gem will make you appreciate San Fran and its amazing views even more.



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