The unmedicated Birth of Indie Capri

(Laboring at home for 4 hours)

( In triage getting checked. I was 3.5 cm dilated. They decided to admit me.)

( I asked to get in the tub as soon as possible. The water relieved so much pain for me.)

( I had them turn the lights off in the bathroom and turn on the tub lights. I rested my head on a pillow and towel in between contractions)

I was in shock. I went from 7-10cm in 2 contractions. Then I pushed her out in 13 minutes.

We didn’t have a photographer

(thanks Covid19 🙄)
so we don’t have many pictures.

Looking at her face for the first time!

My first time breastfeeding.

The most precious moment. Finally meeting my sweet girl
Michael doing Skin to Skin! In heaven watching he become a dad. Nothing better!
We had to wear masks in the hallways! Being transferred to our room! I’m so sad we didn’t get a picture of Me, Michael, and Indie:(

Our announcement picture! Indie Capri Knight 8lbs 9oz 20.5 inches

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1 Day Postpartum

Going home!!

4 months late…. I know I know! It’s a bit long but I didn’t want to spare any details:)

Let me start this off by saying thank you for all the love and support the past few months!! We are adjusting well as a new little family and learning how to be parents. We love our little Indie so much. 

I’m going to begin this off with my pre-labor. I had a membrane strip/sweep (where the midwife uses her finger to sweep between my membranes of my amniotic sac – this helps to separate the water bag and hopefully results in the the initial stages of labor) at about 40 weeks. The first Sweep didn’t work – I cramped for a few hours and then nothing. I walked stairs, bounced on a yoga ball, and did curb walking – nothing worked. I was then given another Sweep on April 2nd and was measuring 36 weeks because Indie had dropped so low into my birth canal. I was 1.5cm and 70-80% effaced.  This Sweep was so so painful because I have a posterior cervix.  Indie was at a -1 station (low in my birth canal – typically what you are at halfway through labor) and my midwife could feel her head at which point she had to reach behind her head to get to my cervix.  She stripped me for about 15-20 seconds and can’t lie…I had to distract myself with deep breaths through it and I was in a lot of pain.  I instantly started cramping when I left the office and the cramping continued non-stop every 5 minutes until the morning of April 4th.  

Although I was a week overdue, I was still feeling normal.  I finally said on the night of April 3rd “okay I’m DONE being pregnant”.  Lo and behold I went into labor the next morning.  I woke up at about 6:45am with period-like cramps except a little more intense.  I decided to get in the tub at home and I started timing contractions at 7:03am and they were about 5-7 minutes apart.  I was in denial that I was in labor but texted my best friend and she talked me into believing I was actually in labor!! She said “do your makeup now because you’ll be in too much pain in an hour”.   I’m so glad I listened to her haha.  I was doing my makeup in between contractions in the tub … 😂. 

Within the hour my contractions were 3-4 mins apart – lasting one minute each.  This went on for a few hours and then the pain started getting more intense.  I was doing my hypno-breathing – inhale for 4 seconds exhale for 7 seconds.  I was repeating in my head “open like a flower” “ you won’t be in this pain tomorrow” “you can do anything for one minute”.  Finally I got to the point I was falling asleep in between contractions and couldn’t talk.  Michael called my midwife and she said to head in within the hour.  My mom and Michael helped to dress me and we headed out the door.  

The car ride was brutal. Every bump we hit during a contraction was horrible.  I was breathing so hard but so grateful there was no traffic (one perk of a pandemic).  

We pulled up to the hospital valet and they brought me a wheelchair.  My eyes were closed the entire time – it was the only way I could focus on my breathing.  They wheeled me up to triage and checked me in.  I was at a 3.5cm-4cm, 90% effaced.  They asked if I wanted to stay or labor at home more (good joke!)… No way was I going back home!  I was in a lot of pain and asked to stay since I was a week overdue.  They agreed and we waited for a L&D room to open up.  About 40 mins later we moved to our room and they filled up the tub (I was planning to have a water-birth and actually deliver in the water but wasn’t allowed to because of COVID) but they did let me labor in the tub until I was 7cm.  

I got a hep lock (saline lock that is capped off so I didn’t have to be hooked up to any machines; this made it easy to connect an IV when needed), and they did intermittent monitoring with a portable Doppler.  The nurse would have me stand up in the tub and listen to Indie’s heartbeat.  I labored for 2 hours before they checked me again.  I was then a “good 4”.  I was so discouraged because I was in so much pain and expecting to be much further along.  My mom + my best friend were on Facetime the entire time and actually got to watch me give birth. When my mom heard the Midwife say I was a good 4 she said “a good 4 means a 5!” So in my head I had to tell myself I was a 5cm and halfway there.  I started thinking if I don’t progress more in the next two hours… I don’t know if I can do this.  I labored on my knees while leaning over the side of the tub and rocked back and forth.  Michael was so sweet and would rub my arms and honestly was the best birth partner.  He would tell me he was proud of me and that I was doing so good.  After about 1.5 hours they decided to check me again because my laboring sounds were becoming more intense and I had a contraction that lasted about 5 mins straight.  I needed to go to the bathroom before I was checked and I started bearing down on the toilet (my body started involuntarily pushing).  When they checked me I was 7cm dilated.  I stayed on the bed from this point on. The nurse told me not to push because I could swell my cervix. Indie’s heart rate was dropping a little bit so they had me turn on my side.  The nurse grabbed a peanut ball and said that it can help the baby drop more into my pelvis and open me up.  I had two contractions and they were sooooo intense.  Then I started bearing down each contraction! I couldn’t NOT push.  They said “don’t push” … I said “I CAN’T NOT PUSH!!!” So they checked me again even though it had only been a few minutes.  My midwife said “you’re a 10 let’s start pushing!” I pushed 3 times for each contraction for 3 complete contractions.  My first 3 pushes were not very productive.  My nurse helped show me what muscles to use to push and said to use the bottom half of my body and relax the top.  I pushed again 3 times and they said they could see she her hair!!!! My water broke sometime during these 13 minutes and apparently splashed Michael pretty good… oops haha. Then on my last contraction one of the midwifes said okay “your baby didn’t like that last one and her heart rate dropped – so let’s push your baby out on this next push”.  Mind you, my eyes were closed my ENTIRE labor unless I had to walk from the tub to the bed.  It was how I focused and stayed in the zone.  I just pictured everything in my head and kept up with my hypno-breathing.  When I finally pushed her out they pulled out half her body and let me pull the rest of her out and onto my chest. I only pushed for 13 minutes and let me tell you pushing is the besttttt part. It felt good to feel like I could finally do something about all the pain. 

Indie was born at 5:59pm after 11 hours of natural, unmedicated labor.  I still can’t believe I did it!  My adrenaline was crazy high and I was in complete shock.  I thought I would cry a lot but I couldn’t cry… I could hardly believe what just happened.  I said ”Hi baby, she has so much hair”.   I couldn’t believe this baby laying on me was mine.  They had to take her for a minute because she was struggling to breathe a little bit.  She then scored an 8 on the Apgar test which is great.  They handed her back to me and I got to do skin to skin for almost 2 hours before they weighed her or did anything.  She latched right away but had/has a tiny mouth and lip tie so she needed a little help.  The baby nurse came back and weighed her and she was a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces! I was one week overdue but not expecting a baby that big – we were all shocked 😱.   She was 20.5 inches and has the cutest chubby cheeks. 

They moved us over to our final room about 3 hours later.  They taught me how to do all my postpartum care and we ordered dinner.  Michael did skin to skin with her for the first time and it was so sweet. It’s true when they say you will fall in love with your spouse more when you see them become a parent.  He was the best support and is the best dad.  We decided to stay only one night in the hospital because of COVID – We wanted to get home asap and my Mom and Sis were at our apartment waiting for us. 

I prepared my entire pregnancy to have a natural unmedicated birth. My Mom and 3 of my best friends all had unmedicated births. They are all so strong and gave me hope and motivation. I knew if they could do it… so could I. I am so thankful to have such amazing and supportive women in my life. 

I want to give most of the credit for these resources (she pretty much told me to do all of this) to my best friend Caitlyn – You can read her amazing, crazy, and quick birth stories of her daughters Scotland and Shiloh. She is currently pregnant with her third baby and is waiting till birth to find out the gender!:)

If you are wanting to have an unmedicated birth, these are the things I did and seemed to work for me (obviously consult your Dr. for some of these if you are wanting to try anything!)

First read these three Books

  1. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
  2. Natural Hospital Birth
  3. The Birth Partner

A couple other good books that have been recommend are

Babies are not pizza

Birthing from within

Things I Took

I drank Red Raspberry leaf tea starting at 36 weeks and upped it to 2 bags a day at 39 weeks (makes your uterus strong and water bag strong and may help shorten labor)

I took Primrose oil everyday starting at like 35 weeks ( can help you not tear as bad)

I took another supplement called Birth Prep (For Sure ask your Dr. about this.) I swear it made my labor faster and more efficient

My prenatal- SmartyPants Gummies , love this combo vitamin B12 + methylfolate + (p5p) b6 (super important to take and I always take the methylated version), and Vitamin D ( I have a deficiency so I need extra) .

Things to watch and listen to

Look up Hypno birthing – watch free videos on breathing. This is the one I watched

You can also buy courses on hypno-birthing but there are so many free resources out there!

I also love love love the Podcast THE BIRTH HOUR

5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

Hey all! I haven’t been great with my blog lately, but I have a few posts coming to you shortly.

Here are a few simple but helpful tricks to know when flying.

1. For those of you who have had ear pain while flying know just how horrible it can be. I found these at a little kiosk in the airport, and they saved me! First off I love the name, second they actually worked for me. These EARPLANES were a little pricey in the airport, but if you buy them online they are pretty cheap. They help with ear discomfort, reduce harsh noise and help your ears adjust to pressurization. I use them especially when I’m sick!!!

2. Use the tissue in the bathroom, not the toilet paper. Let’s just say some people miss entirely and sprinkle a bit on the toilet paper haha

3. Always always say hello to your flight attendant. Also if you bring us treats you will be treated like a VIP. WE are more likely to help you out and give you extra stuff 🙂

4. Bring your own water bottle and use hydration pills such as – 1Above or SOS Hydration

5. Wipe your tray table and seat down. People are gross, and there are so many germs everywhere. Bring Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. I have seen people try and change their babies diaper on the tray table – EW! You would be surprised by the things I see everyday!!

I know these are small things but they sure do help me everyday 🙂 Hope they help you out the next time you travel.


Michaela Desiree Knight

24 hours in Chicago!

24 hours in Chicago!

Hello all!

I wanted to share a bit about our quick 24 hour trip.  Michael and I decided to join our friends in Chicago and take advantage of my travel benefits.  We knew that we wouldn’t be able to see everything, but man did we do a lot! Our friends Brittany and Joram are super travelers, they seriously know how to make an awesome itinerary.

My husband and I flew into O’hare airport, where we took the blue line train to downtown. After we dropped off our stuff we decided to go to shake shack (basically a more expensive In-N-Out) . It was so yummy… especially since we hadn’t eaten in HOURS. After Shake Shack we all ventured over to THE BEAN! The bean has been on my bucket list for years, so I was thrilled to finally see it. I have never enjoyed people watching so much in my life ha. We even saw a couple taking wedding pictures …. while holding a picture of a cat?







Next we decided to go up to SEARS/WILLIS TOWER SKYDECK!

You can purchase your tickets online   HERE   or at the door. $24 for adults and $16 for youth.

It is definitely a bucket list must see! I can’t lie… it was weirdly thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. We were super lucky and waited only about 30 minutes. When my husband had previously visited a few years back, it took over an hour to finally get up to the skydeck. They have about 4-5 different lines – some are more monitored than others, so I would suggest going to a line that is not monitored and you can take your time/take more pictures.  We tried to think of poses before we got in the skydeck. Some people were so creative, it was so fun to watch everyone! This was one of my favorite things I have done this year.










FOOD TIME! This is the real reason I wanted to visit. If you know me … who know I literally live to eat delicious food.  We decided on Lou Malnatis Pizzereia for dinner, one of Chicago’s famous deep dish restaurants! My husband had previously been to Giordano’s and said he thought it was better than Lou’s. I thought it was good, but I didn’t feel like it was the best pizza I ever had. Now I can say I tried it right?

We waited about 1 hour to get a table, but we were able to put the order in for our pizza, so that when we sat down it would be ready. I had about 2 pieces and was completely stuffed.

You can check out the menu Here

Next time we would like to visit Pequods Pizza and Giordanos. Let me know if you have had either of these and which was your favorite!?




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We also had Garret’s popcorn, which as you can see was so delicious that I didn’t even have time to think about taking a picture of it ha. They had so many flavors and sizes to choose from. It’s a great idea for a gift!!! Best thing is you can order online Here !

We had the Pecan Carmel mix – I love that they let us try different flavors




Apparently this is a Chicago style food ( something you have to try to say you have been to Chicago).  We ordered two hot dogs, Michael got the classic (which is pictured below) and I got the chili cheese dog! I would recommend getting two each, as we were both hungry when we left.

Portillos has unique hot dogs  which come with mustard,relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and peppers. I am pretty picky, so I only had a bite with everything on it. We had more than one person recommend this place.





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Last but not least …. my favorite place we ate at YOLK!

We had a huge and delicious breakfast! We split part of the meal with our friends and then Michael and I split the cinnamon roll French toast. It was very rich but we devoured it in minutes. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!





Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset




Our last activity before leaving Chicago was visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. The best part about it … it was FREE ….Completely free!!! They ask for donations but you can walk right in. We were expecting a dinky zoo with only a few exhibits, but it was a full on real zoo with so many amazing animals. You could see the city scape throughout the zoo, I couldn’t believe what a great location it was in.








I could not believe how much we were able to see and do in just 24 hours. We had the best time and can’t wait for our next adventure. I can’t wait to go back and see more of Chicago. Until next time….

Stay tuned for some upcoming layovers and vacations!





Love you all,

Michaela Desiree Knight


My layover in Charleston, SC

My layover in Charleston, SC

Sorry I have been MIA. Work has been a bit crazy, and I have been having way to much fun traveling. I will really try to post more about my layovers and fun things I do!!!

Have you ever been somewhere that just felt magical? Well, I found my new dream town…. I want … no I NEED to live in Charleston. The people are so kind, friendly, proud to live there. I even had one girl tell me she declined a really great job somewhere else, because she loves Charleston so much, and doesn’t ever want to leave.

First off…. I adore the cute southern houses and shopping district. I swear every store I went into I wanted to buy something. I am not always the biggest shopper, but oh my gosh I was in heaven. Each store had its own unique but southern style.

Another favorite thing of mine was all of the horse carriages around town. It made me feel as if I went back in time. This town is my fairytale.

Last but not least, THE FOOD! I am a huge foodie, and eating in new places all the time has to be one of the best parts of my job. My coworker and I found this cute restaurant that had wood fire pizza. I promise you that the pizza was gone in less than five minutes haha. It was intriguing, because we sat up at the bar and watched them make our pizza.

Then for dessert we went over to CUPCAKE. It’s a little colorful and fun cupcake shop that has so many different flavors. I got a peach cupcake with cream cheese frosting! It was also the prettiest cupcake I have ever seen, but I ate it too fast to take a picture haha.

Although, I only had a short layover, this place is #1 on my list to go back to. I am think this will be a great mother/daughter trip.

Follow me on my next adventures to


Top and jeans: ZARA



This is a little long but stick with me….. I promise it’s worth it! This is me being as real as I can be. This is me being as vulnerable as I can be, and this has been my struggle and how I have changed my life for the better.

SO as many of you saw my BEFORE and AFTER pictures on INSTAGRAM. I was absolutely terrified to post them but my fears quickly disappeared when I received such an amazing and positive response. I had so many people messaging me and asking me, “How the heck did you do this in half a year?!” This was a question I had asked myself so many times seeing other people’s transformations and I was convinced that there was some formula or some product that these people had that allowed them to see such a huge difference. Some people may actually have a formula or a product that they swear by but in my case, I found that there’s no secret potion and no quick, easy or sustainable way to lose weight. For me it’s all about throwing on my headphones and working my butt off in the gym and I’d be willing to bet that this works for just about anyone who gives it a try. For so long I knew that this is what I had to do but it was so hard to actually get myself to the gym and get to work. I even tried a few different products and there are some good ones out there, but even still, nothing replaces building up a good sweat and eating right. I have worked really hard at this and I will continue to work hard so that I can get better every day.

I have struggled with my body/weight the past few years and I wanted to make some changes but it was always hard for me to fully commit. I worked weekends and had long days at my last job so coming home and working out was the last thing on my mind. I also have struggled with depression. I didn’t like who I was or how I felt. I started to work out a little bit when we lived in California, but I just didn’t see any changes right away so I would give up after a week or two. When we moved back to Utah last July, I was not in a good place. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I was drained and worn out. I was struggling with the fact that I had to leave my awesome job, a state that I loved, and all of my friends. I had gained 15-20 pounds from the time that I got married until about 8 months ago.


I remember looking in the mirror about a year ago and thinking, “How did I let myself become such an unhealthy person?” I felt angry inside and had lost confidence in myself. I decided to text my friend Emily because I know she loved working out and did Bikini competitions and I really credit her for helping me to get back to the gym. She helped me to learn the correct form and she just helped me to get comfortable going to the gym. So many people don’t workout because they feel dumb or they don’t know what to do and it really helped me to have a friend who knows so much about working out. Emily even posts about different workouts she does and even though I haven’t had the chance to workout with her lately she’s always got good ideas for different workouts. She’s also got workout and meal plans you can purchase from her that are affordable and amazing!

You can follow her and contact her on Instagram  — EMILY FAIRBANKS 

Building up a sweat was only part of my journey. It was only after I started to eat a little better together with my workouts that I started to see real changes.

Fast forward to my new job working as a flight attendant at JetBlue. The lifestyle of a flight attendant is great in so many ways but it can really be hard for people who are watching the lbs and who are trying to become more active. I had been working as a flight attendant for about 3 months and I just kept gaining weight and making excuses. My uniform was slowly getting tighter and tighter and at the same time my skin was breaking out and I was exhausted all the time. I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been at and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body but at the same time I wanted so badly to feel confident again and to be more HEALTHY. I had had enough and I was finally done making excuses for myself. I decided to join a local gym in Boston after being encouraged by some of my roommates. It has been great to have gym buddies and they even keep me honest on those days that I’m not feeling up to going. If you relate at all to my struggle to even get to the gym, find someone who has similar goals and go with them. If you motivate them to go, I’ve found that the favor often returned and that has helped ease me into going even on days that my friends aren’t able to.



NOW for the GOOOOOD stuff and what you have been waiting for …..


This was a huge part of how I lost weight. I had to change my habits. I am guilty of loooooving pizza, bread, cheesecake, and basically all naughty carbs! Some carbs are good and necessary, but keep an eye on where the carbs are coming from. I knew that if I went cold turkey and gave up all the good stuff right away I would never be able to stick with to my goals. I started small (I decided to pack my food for work in a cooler so that I don’t have to eat expensive and unhealthy airport food) and the small steps have lead me to better eating habits. I’m not at all perfect here, but my diet has been a huge factor in being able to shed some lbs.

*BTW ….. I am in no way a dietitian or an expert – everyone’s body is different and you may have to test out what works for you – this is just what has worked for me*

This is usually what my shopping list looks like:

Fruit – I pretty much live off of fruit!! Its natural sugar and it has helped my metabolism to speed up a bit.

• Pineapple

• Strawberries

• Mango (my favorite lately)

• Raspberries

• Blueberries (my least favorite but they are so good for you – lots of antioxidants)

• Avocados (apparently this is a fruit? I love avocado on a piece of toast!)


• Carrots

• Cucumbers

• Sweet potatoes

• I also drink IT Works’ “Greens” veggie packets everyday – these are awesome if you struggle to get your veggies in!


• 1-2 hard boiled eggs per day – I like to de-shell these and take them with me on the go when I can

• I make egg salad sandwiches 3-4 times a week (sometimes this gets old but you can mix it up with different herbs and spices – Tumeric and Paprika are a couple good ones)


• Pita pockets or Scala bread (peanut butter and honey, tuna, egg salad, and turkey sandwiches)

• Whole grain bread

• Wraps

Protein (hardest part for me)

• Orgain protein  (Costco sells it and it’s so yummy!) or you can order it HERE  – Sometimes I’ll add a banana, milk, chia seeds, and/or peanut butter

• Protein bars (Clif bars, SpecialK – Strawberry)

• Flip Chobani yogurts — I love the low fat Greek yogurt Coco-Loco or Key Lime Crumble

• Meat (I’m not the biggest fan of meat but I’ll add chicken if I don’t feel like I’m getting enough protein or if I still feel hungry. Sometimes I will get a rotisserie chicken for $5 from Costco and I’ll use the chicken for a few days)

• Flapjack pancakes (Kodiak Cakes are amazing! They also have some muffin cups that you just add water to and it’s a good pick-me-up in the morning. If you get the pancake mix, add an egg and milk for more protein)

• Black beans


I drink 4-6 12oz. water bottles a day. I divide my weight in half to find out how many ounces of water I should drink and then I add one 24 oz water bottle for every hour I’ve worked out that day. This hasn’t only helped me to lose weight but it has also helped to flush my system and clear up my skin.



I am training for a half marathon so I am doing a few extra days of cardio than I would normally do. Cardio is about 3-4 times a week for me, I also was really focusing on losing fat in the beginning and cardio helped to get my heart rate up and to build up a sweat. Cardio has also really seemed to help speed up my metabolism a bit.

I started really small – I would either walk on incline or jog a mile. I could barely even do this in the beginning because I was so out of shape. I found some interval training like this one HERE which really helped me to build up to longer distances. I started being able to run a mile without stopping, then I finally got up to 2 and 3, etc etc. I can now run about 6 miles without stopping (I will slow down at certain points). My biggest accomplishment since I’ve been on this workout schedules has been my 8.5 mile run for the first time in 2 years!!!!! As crazy as it sounds, I have started to actually enjoy running and I look forward to pushing myself each week.



My weekly workout

• Walk/jog 1 mile or do the stair stepper for 10 min to warm up – on weight training days

• Weight train arms 1-2x a week

• Weight train legs 1-2x a week

• Do BBG (Bikini Body Guide)  a few times a week or when I can’t make it to the gym (I sometimes just take parts of it and add it to my routine)

• Run 2-4 miles 2x a week

• Run 5-8 miles 1x a week

• Foam roll daily

• Stretch daily

• Drink 4-6 water bottles daily

It’s hard for me to make a steady Monday-Saturday workout plan because of my work schedule but I always do my best to make sure I get a workout in no matter what time it is.


Pre-workout- YOU GUYS I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF ON CARDIO DAYS! I love C4 and WM NUTRITION (They have discount codes all the time on their INSTA)

Protein shakes – ORGAIN or FUEL

BCAA- PRO^6 (If you enter your email they send you a discount code)

You can do this! Don’t compare yourself to other people and don’t worry about what other people may think of you. What’s important is that you act and that you get out there and start working towards your goals, whatever they are! Don’t wait for the right time, don’t get caught up in “quick and easy” weight-loss programs and don’t doubt yourself. Put yourself in the best possible situation to achieve your goals and you’ll start to become more and more comfortable and confident and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

I will start to post more about my workout journey on my Instagram and I hope we can all help each other! Thanks for all the love and support!





Love you all!

Stay motivated and stay strong – you are beautiful!

If someone hasn’t told you today that you are beautiful and that they love you, I DO!!!!




Photographer : @islandboyphotos

My life is an ongoing adventure. I am never in one place for very long and I’m always finding new magical places. I’ve lived in Utah on and off but we have been there a year solid now and I had never been on the ski lift.

If you haven’t been to Sundance … you are missing out. Sundance is such an amazing and breathtaking place. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living so close to it. One crazy thing about me though is that I have never been skiing!! I live in freaking Utah and I have never been hahah. That’s my goal this winter, to learn to Skii.

What goals do you have for winter?!

My goals are

1. Get in the best shape I can…for a beach vacation in February

2. Learn to Ski

3. Keep up with the gallon water challenge

4. Read a book each month

5. Train for another half marathon

Although my life is partially glamorous …. I miss my husband so much and it’s extremely hard to be gone from him. This job has helped me to appreciate all the little things in life. I get so excited just to eat a meal with him and watch tv. When I was home…it was just a normal thing to do and now I look forward to it. Appreciate the things you would miss, if you didn’t see the people you love as much.


Michaela Desiree Knight

Let’s fly away ❤️

Do you ever feel like you are just settling in life? Do you ever feel like you work all day just to pay the bills and never really have time for yourself or to do things you enjoy?!

These are things I started to ask myself ….. my husband and I had just moved back to Utah from California and I felt a bit stuck.  In California we both worked long hours and we were always exhausted and never really had much time as a couple or time to enjoy ourselves.  When we moved to Utah I looked at a few dental offices (I was a Dental Assistant) but the pay wasn’t great and the certifications were different.  I was struggling to either settle with a dental office or to find something that brought me joy and maybe a bit more money ;).  Don’t get me wrong … I loved being a Dental Assistant!! I especially loved it because I worked with children and it was super rewarding to see a little one timid and terrified to come to the dentist only to leave with a big smile. I’m so glad I had that opportunity:)

It was time for BIGGER and BETTER things! I was on a hike with my friend Amy and we were talking about some of my options and one that came to mind was being a Flight Attendant.  I felt that my timing may have been a bit off – I was already married, I would be gone all the time and I just didn’t think it was going to work out. Amy encouraged me to at least give it a try and reassured me that it’s never too late. I finally got up the courage to explore the idea a bit more and I decided to talk with my friend Terri who is a Flight Attendant and that gave me the final push to apply.  We talked a bit about the lifestyle, hours, reserve life, and the best part – the BENEFITS!!!

I was so excited after talking to her I decided to apply.  The application/interview process was LONG …. and a bit PAINFUL! Ok it wasn’t that bad, I made it out alive – but it did take about 3 months from the first interview until the time I received an offer.  If you’re wondering what the process is like, I had to do federal background checks, fingerprinting, video interviews, in person interviews, drug testing, and a ton of paperwork.  Then came training (Dun dun dun).


Training was 4 weeks long and required that we pass 10 or 11 written tests and that we complete about 11 drills, including one where you work a real flight and someone is there grading you (an IOE).  We also had something called and EME where you have a few scenarios thrown at you while on a simulator plane and you have to adjust and react with your crew. I won’t lie – training was pretty hard core – there were sleepless nights, maybe a few slight anxiety attacks, and even some tears.  But I am proud to say that I made it through and that I EARNED MY WINGS!

After earning my wings I was assigned to Boston as my base and I have loved being able to explore not only the East coast but also the entire continental US and Caribbean.

In Boston I live in a Crashpad with other flight attendants and it’s a bit rough.. We only have 1 bathroom to share amongst 10-15 of us!!! I have a bunk bed in one of the rooms and I share the same room with 4 or 5 other Flight Attendants. When you first start out like I am, you’re assigned to be on Reserve … which means that I’m on call either at the airport or at my apartment for about 18 days a month. Once I gain some seniority I’ll receive a line which is where I’ll be able to have a bit more control over my schedule and my comings and goings.

From day 1 I fell in love with my job.  I have never been happier at work – I literally travel for a living and I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool places (stay tuned for some fun posts and updates with travel tips and the best things to do in some of the cities I’ve been able to visitJ).  Before this job I hadn’t been able to travel much but this job has literally expanded my horizon!!! I have been to so many amazing places.

I have had quite a few friends and family members ask me about my job and what it’s like and I know this was a quick taste of what it’s like but I’d love to tell you more if you’re interested.

Be sure to follow me! I’m excited to start blogging more about my travels and adventures and I’m hoping you can pick up some fun travel tips and some fun ideas of things to do in the different cities I visit!!!!

My sisters closet 

My sisters closet 

My Sisters Closet Boutique// Tops

Who else is pumped for Christmas!!!!???? I have been running around doing my last minute shopping and I’m getting so excited. I can’t wait to spend quality time with family and drink hot chocolate.

Speaking of crazy madhouse shopping ..   I wore this cute top yesterday and got sooo many compliments/questions asking where I got it.  It has the cutest elbow pads and is as soft as a baby (kidding) but really it’s so soft.  I love that it is a high low shirt and I have been looking for a good olive shirt, so I was excited when I found olive with stripes!!!

My Sisters Closet Boutique has such a great variety of clothes and accessories. I have already started making my birthday list of all the cute stuff I have my eye on– especially there Beanies.

For 10% off your purchase use code MICHAELA10

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you take the time to relax and enjoy the holidays 🙂

The mountains are calling and I must go 

The mountains are calling and I must go 

Sweatshirt CO // Colab Print

Jeans// Forever 21

I grew in Florida so I am a beach/summer girl all the way!!! Well I now live in a winter wonderland … and I am surprisingly loving it. It has been an adjustment having to put on gloves, a beanie, two coats and boots but also an adventure. I always liked having a goal for the season, so I decided to learn a new skill this winter … skiing.  What are your goals this season? And any tips on the whole experience would be much appreciated!

Speaking of winter gear I found this adorable Utah company that sells the cutest stuff. I got this green sweatershirt and I have been living in it.  It’s honestly the SOFTEST sweatshirt I have ever owned! They also have great shirts Here with adorable sayings.  My favorite is “my heart lies in the mountains”.

I am hoping to show you all my experience learning how to skii — a Florida girl taking on winter!!!
Xoxo, Michaela Knight

Sleepwear and giveaway with Thirdlove

Sleepwear and giveaway with Thirdlove

CO Thirdlove // Sleepwear          Photography : Island Boy Photos

I have already talked to you all about Thirdlove bras and how obsessed I am!! In case you missed it, you can read about that here.

I’m all for comfort and throwing on my husbands shirts to sleep in but I have recently realized that investing in elegant sleepwear is the way to go. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a fabulous princess when they wake up?

I have even been brave enough to answer my front door in my pj’s, because they are so pretty! I would usually run into my room and make my husband answer the door but now I gladly will do it. 🙂

In line with how comfortable Thirdlove  bras are, their sleepwear will not disappoint! It is literally the softest/comfiest material and I love that it has a silk pocket. Don’t miss out before they are all gone. I love that they have either matching pj sets or long sleeve sleepshirts.

Their Lounge wear and Underwear packs also make for a great gift!!!




To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY I’m hosting with Thirdlove, head over to my INSTAGRAM  to win a $75 gift card to their shop!!!

Thanks Lovies

Can’t wait to hear what you think of their amazing merchandise.

Michaela Knight