Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve finally gotten around to recording a little bit of my journey over the past few months – and yes, it’s been a journey!

A year ago (May ’16) I got married to the love of my life in Orlando, Florida (more on that to come!) and because so much has gone on over the past year, I thought that there would be no better way to remember it all than by starting this blog!

Because I grew up in Florida, I like to think of myself as a proud, outgoing southern girl with a fun, loving personality.  I’m big into theatre and all of my life I’ve loved acting and being involved in anything theatre related.  I also love being surrounded by friends and family and I love to entertain and host fun and memorable events that bring people together!

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed getting to do new things and see new parts of the world.  Yoga has been another newfound hobby of mine and I’ve loved it!  I’m also a little bit of a geek – I’m starting externship for a dental office as Dental Assistant – but I’m really excited to be able to work with people and to help improve their lives in that way.

Leading up to all of these details of my life today has definitely been a journey!

Two years ago (2013) I decided that I was ready for the next step in life.  If you’re thinking that was marriage, that wasn’t quite what I was referring to!  Two of my very best friends had already moved away to go to school in Utah and to maybe, while they were “going to school,” find a good guy out there.  I felt that I was more than ready to take on the world and so I graduated a semester early from high school and in March 2013, my cute Mom and I drove all of the way from Valrico, Florida to Utah to start my new adventure!

I thought I would show you a little bit of my wedding and my newlywed life. Being married really is so much fun, everyday you’re learning and growing and becoming a team. Planning my wedding was such a blast and honestly felt like a fairytale.


On February 5th my honey Popped the question. I had no idea what was about to happen. I was so surprised and thought we were going on a casual date. Luckily my best friend had done my hair and makeup that day. I have never been so cold but so happy in my life.


He proposed at the Midway Ice Castles in Utah and I was so surprised! He had a Beautiful ice box carved for my ring! He picked out my ring and it fits me perfectly. I look at it everyday and just smile!IMG_1463

Engagements… (we did not write on the wall) We found it and thought it would make for a good pic! My sister in Law took our engagements for us. I am so happy with how the pictures turned out, not bad having a photographer in the family 😉DSC_1282-8X10 DSC_0910-4x6 DSC_1163-8x10 DSC_0935-4x6H   WEDDING I had a beach themed fairytale wedding! My mother did such an amazing job.. I was in awe when I arrived at our reception.We had it on the water on Davis Island at The Garden Club. I Loved how the colors turned out and how bright and happy it felt. My mom made all the bouitnears (my Favorite part).

DSC_0882   DSC_0708

I picked out a Black ring for Michael because I wanted him to have something different and I thought it looked pretty cool. Lace was a MUST-HAVE when I was picking out my wedding dress. I had buttons that ran all the way down the train it added just the right touch.

DSC_0722DSC_0728 DSC_0359

My bridesmaids were so helpful and did everything they could. I am so grateful to be blessed with such amazing friends. I have some beautiful friends dont ya think?! I love my bridesmaid dresses they were the perfect color.


The weather also was my best friend that day, it rained everyday that week except for my wedding! It was the most beautiful warm and sunny day.

10379830_10203734889630927_5683517408051596143_o 10365399_10203727267200371_2386618564101138898_o

My Flower girls and ring bearer were so precious ( my sister and three nieces) and ( nephew). They were so helpful and were little bundles of joy all day!


Love being a Mrs. The best feeling in the world is waking up next to your best friend everyday.

Thanks for stopping by be sure to check back for new posts! Love you all XoXo

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