5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

Hey all! I haven’t been great with my blog lately, but I have a few posts coming to you shortly.

Here are a few simple but helpful tricks to know when flying.

1. For those of you who have had ear pain while flying know just how horrible it can be. I found these at a little kiosk in the airport, and they saved me! First off I love the name, second they actually worked for me. These EARPLANES were a little pricey in the airport, but if you buy them online they are pretty cheap. They help with ear discomfort, reduce harsh noise and help your ears adjust to pressurization. I use them especially when I’m sick!!!

2. Use the tissue in the bathroom, not the toilet paper. Let’s just say some people miss entirely and sprinkle a bit on the toilet paper haha

3. Always always say hello to your flight attendant. Also if you bring us treats you will be treated like a VIP. WE are more likely to help you out and give you extra stuff 🙂

4. Bring your own water bottle and use hydration pills such as – 1Above or SOS Hydration

5. Wipe your tray table and seat down. People are gross, and there are so many germs everywhere. Bring Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. I have seen people try and change their babies diaper on the tray table – EW! You would be surprised by the things I see everyday!!

I know these are small things but they sure do help me everyday 🙂 Hope they help you out the next time you travel.


Michaela Desiree Knight