5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

5 random travel tips from a flight attendant

Hey all! I haven’t been great with my blog lately, but I have a few posts coming to you shortly.

Here are a few simple but helpful tricks to know when flying.

1. For those of you who have had ear pain while flying know just how horrible it can be. I found these at a little kiosk in the airport, and they saved me! First off I love the name, second they actually worked for me. These EARPLANES were a little pricey in the airport, but if you buy them online they are pretty cheap. They help with ear discomfort, reduce harsh noise and help your ears adjust to pressurization. I use them especially when I’m sick!!!

2. Use the tissue in the bathroom, not the toilet paper. Let’s just say some people miss entirely and sprinkle a bit on the toilet paper haha

3. Always always say hello to your flight attendant. Also if you bring us treats you will be treated like a VIP. WE are more likely to help you out and give you extra stuff 🙂

4. Bring your own water bottle and use hydration pills such as – 1Above or SOS Hydration

5. Wipe your tray table and seat down. People are gross, and there are so many germs everywhere. Bring Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. I have seen people try and change their babies diaper on the tray table – EW! You would be surprised by the things I see everyday!!

I know these are small things but they sure do help me everyday 🙂 Hope they help you out the next time you travel.


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My layover in Charleston, SC

My layover in Charleston, SC

Sorry I have been MIA. Work has been a bit crazy, and I have been having way to much fun traveling. I will really try to post more about my layovers and fun things I do!!!

Have you ever been somewhere that just felt magical? Well, I found my new dream town…. I want … no I NEED to live in Charleston. The people are so kind, friendly, proud to live there. I even had one girl tell me she declined a really great job somewhere else, because she loves Charleston so much, and doesn’t ever want to leave.

First off…. I adore the cute southern houses and shopping district. I swear every store I went into I wanted to buy something. I am not always the biggest shopper, but oh my gosh I was in heaven. Each store had its own unique but southern style.

Another favorite thing of mine was all of the horse carriages around town. It made me feel as if I went back in time. This town is my fairytale.

Last but not least, THE FOOD! I am a huge foodie, and eating in new places all the time has to be one of the best parts of my job. My coworker and I found this cute restaurant that had wood fire pizza. I promise you that the pizza was gone in less than five minutes haha. It was intriguing, because we sat up at the bar and watched them make our pizza.

Then for dessert we went over to CUPCAKE. It’s a little colorful and fun cupcake shop that has so many different flavors. I got a peach cupcake with cream cheese frosting! It was also the prettiest cupcake I have ever seen, but I ate it too fast to take a picture haha.

Although, I only had a short layover, this place is #1 on my list to go back to. I am think this will be a great mother/daughter trip.

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Let’s fly away ❤️

Do you ever feel like you are just settling in life? Do you ever feel like you work all day just to pay the bills and never really have time for yourself or to do things you enjoy?!

These are things I started to ask myself ….. my husband and I had just moved back to Utah from California and I felt a bit stuck.  In California we both worked long hours and we were always exhausted and never really had much time as a couple or time to enjoy ourselves.  When we moved to Utah I looked at a few dental offices (I was a Dental Assistant) but the pay wasn’t great and the certifications were different.  I was struggling to either settle with a dental office or to find something that brought me joy and maybe a bit more money ;).  Don’t get me wrong … I loved being a Dental Assistant!! I especially loved it because I worked with children and it was super rewarding to see a little one timid and terrified to come to the dentist only to leave with a big smile. I’m so glad I had that opportunity:)

It was time for BIGGER and BETTER things! I was on a hike with my friend Amy and we were talking about some of my options and one that came to mind was being a Flight Attendant.  I felt that my timing may have been a bit off – I was already married, I would be gone all the time and I just didn’t think it was going to work out. Amy encouraged me to at least give it a try and reassured me that it’s never too late. I finally got up the courage to explore the idea a bit more and I decided to talk with my friend Terri who is a Flight Attendant and that gave me the final push to apply.  We talked a bit about the lifestyle, hours, reserve life, and the best part – the BENEFITS!!!

I was so excited after talking to her I decided to apply.  The application/interview process was LONG …. and a bit PAINFUL! Ok it wasn’t that bad, I made it out alive – but it did take about 3 months from the first interview until the time I received an offer.  If you’re wondering what the process is like, I had to do federal background checks, fingerprinting, video interviews, in person interviews, drug testing, and a ton of paperwork.  Then came training (Dun dun dun).


Training was 4 weeks long and required that we pass 10 or 11 written tests and that we complete about 11 drills, including one where you work a real flight and someone is there grading you (an IOE).  We also had something called and EME where you have a few scenarios thrown at you while on a simulator plane and you have to adjust and react with your crew. I won’t lie – training was pretty hard core – there were sleepless nights, maybe a few slight anxiety attacks, and even some tears.  But I am proud to say that I made it through and that I EARNED MY WINGS!

After earning my wings I was assigned to Boston as my base and I have loved being able to explore not only the East coast but also the entire continental US and Caribbean.

In Boston I live in a Crashpad with other flight attendants and it’s a bit rough.. We only have 1 bathroom to share amongst 10-15 of us!!! I have a bunk bed in one of the rooms and I share the same room with 4 or 5 other Flight Attendants. When you first start out like I am, you’re assigned to be on Reserve … which means that I’m on call either at the airport or at my apartment for about 18 days a month. Once I gain some seniority I’ll receive a line which is where I’ll be able to have a bit more control over my schedule and my comings and goings.

From day 1 I fell in love with my job.  I have never been happier at work – I literally travel for a living and I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool places (stay tuned for some fun posts and updates with travel tips and the best things to do in some of the cities I’ve been able to visitJ).  Before this job I hadn’t been able to travel much but this job has literally expanded my horizon!!! I have been to so many amazing places.

I have had quite a few friends and family members ask me about my job and what it’s like and I know this was a quick taste of what it’s like but I’d love to tell you more if you’re interested.

Be sure to follow me! I’m excited to start blogging more about my travels and adventures and I’m hoping you can pick up some fun travel tips and some fun ideas of things to do in the different cities I visit!!!!